Day 13 – 19 miles

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Day 13 – 19 miles

We all left Stephen’s house early. We left a note and a small gift to show our gratitude. He came down just as we were leaving to say goodbye. Great guy. So helpful to our mission!

We all drove to where we left off from yesterday’s walk and began walking before 8 am. I was pleased with the team for making that happen as it was going to be a hot day down in the southern tip of Florida.

More to come later.. too tiredto finish tonight. sorry

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  1. Donna Grzanka February 9, 2018 at 10:18 PM - Reply

    I’m so happy that you an your team are being treated so well. Also that you got a regular bed to sleep in.
    ! Am sure your mom and dad are more relieved that your out of he keys. ❤️

  2. Joyce Greene February 15, 2018 at 3:59 PM - Reply

    After much a dificult trek last time. this one so far, sounds like a cake walk.LOL. I’m sure your mom is resting easier knowing that you’ve got company. I really wish that I could be doing this with you but my heart is in it even if my body isn’t. Much love.

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