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One week before the walk

I can’t believe that I am about to go on another long trek. I feel so prepared and so unprepared at the same time. It has definitely been easier getting ready for the walk itself this time because of my experience from the last walk. Everything else has been more difficult though. I have people coming with me which is a challenge. A very rewarding challenge though. The people who are coming are awesome. Taking on a role as a team leader is something that I am not taking lightly. I want to make sure that everyone is equipped to be as safe and successful and possible.

Running Freedom to Grow, a nonprofit organization that I started up this year, has been extremely difficult. It has been a great experience though. I am really beginning to make headway with the mission of helping people with troubled pasts. I am really looking forward to where Freedom to Grow will go in the next few years.

We are having a documentary film being made about the walk. I am excited about the benefits of reaching more people. I am worried that it may interfere with connecting with people on a personal level. I hope that that isn’t the case. I am very thankful to have such a wonderful film crew taking on the project though. It is going to be powerful.

I am picking up sponsorships and getting packed and trying to get all of my taxes and bills taken care of before leaving. Everything is going well but it is a non-stop affair. I am very much looking forward to those moments of total freedom that hit you randomly while you’re out on a quest such as this. I will try to present a great blog of the day to day activities for you all.

Thank you for reading. Key West here I come!!!

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